Details for March – Purple Blossom!

Now that Tequila Sunrise is all boxed up and ready to go (I’ll be heading to the post office bright and early Monday morning to send out this ENORMOUS stack of boxes), it’s time to look ahead to the latest Tipsy Sheep Yarn Club… Tipsy Sheep Part 3: Return of the Sheep, featuring the premiere of our NEW 100% superwash merino worsted weight yarn!

As with previous yarn clubs, you won’t just be getting yarn. There’s lots of other neat stuff packaged in with it:

  • 100g (approximately 218 yards) of soft, durable, and machine-washable worsted weight yarn in 100% superwash merino wool.
  • A peek into the process with dyers notes about how the cocktail’s ingredients translated into the colors used, as well as whatever misadventures occurred when I tested the inspirational cocktail.
  • Learn an interesting new technique (such as fun cast-ons and edge finishes).
  • Learn to make the signature cocktail yourself – the recipe is right inside the yarn label!
  • I am addicted to candy, and you should be, too. Allow me to enable you.

Yarn will be mailed out at the beginning of the month – usually on the first, or on the first Monday should the month start on a Saturday or Sunday. The cap remains at 20 subscribers per month.  You can choose to get one month at a time or sign up to receive one ball of yarn each month until June!  If you choose to sign up for the 4-month option, you’ll receive packages for:

March 3
Purple Blossomsee description below.

April 1
Grasshopper: deep mint green, softer bluish creme-de-menthe green, creamy white, and a hint of warm chocolate.

May 1
Fruit Tingle: a smooth gradient from deep blue to reddish purple.

June 2
Night Black: deep blue-black fading into twilight blue, apple green, and rich burgundy.

Each month is $25, with the 4-month option being $100 – it includes everything listed above plus shipping costs.  International customers, I’m afraid shipping costs have gone up recently so it’s no longer feasible for me to cover the difference in shipping costs; please choose the international option from the drop down menu.

March’s cocktail inspiration is the Purple Blossom, a mix of gin, Hpnotiq Harmonie, lime juice, and club soda. As its name suggests, this drink is soft purple in color, which became the core of the colorway. The yarn starts off as a mysty, deep blue – inspired by the juniper berries in the gin – and fades into several shades of soft purple, ranging from the glowing violet of the Harmonie liqueur to the lilac and lavenders of the finished cocktail. It finishes with a hint of bright lime, which adds a pop of contrast and visual interest to highlight the soft and delicate range of colors throughout the yarn.

This yarn club is selling out faster than any before it – right now there are only 3 slots remaining. If this sounds appealing to you, please sign up using the drop-down menu below or in the shop.

Choose your subscription!

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